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My Spore creates are dancing to the Stones... LULZ!
1969 orlando

As I might've already mentioned, Mick Jagger was the sexiest living organism on Earth when he was young. (Call me weird, but I still think he's hot.) Just watching his sinewy, half-clothed body makes me want to explode from lust. (The pills I take have mucked up my libido, which means that I felt zilch when reading a preview of The Story of O on amazon.com.)

But you came here for lulz, not me raving on about a shirtless baby boomer. So, in no order, here are some macros and videos*:



OMG! It's Angelina Jolie!
* None of these were created by me.

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Any chance of an LJ-cut on your next picspam? Sorry to be a bore, but arghneverendingf'list.

Whoops! Dreadfully sorry, Ness. It's just that my picspam had videos in it, and you can't put videos under a cut.
I'm really, truly sorry for any trouble I caused you. *blush*


I'm with you on this 100% Young Mick was a total hottie.Check out Nic Roeg's weird and wonderful film Performance to see Jagger at his sexiest.His non-ability to dance is a joy to behold even now!
By the way, do you mind if I ask what form of autism you have? Aspergers? I'm just curious as a number of my favourite musicians have AS.=)

I've got severe Asperger's syndrome, teamed, for some reason, with mild psychosis. (!)
And Mick was HOT. I've never seen [i]Performance[/i], and I think it's rated R in Australia (I'm only 17, so I can't see R-rated films).
Also, I heard the film's being referenced in [i]Century: 1969[/i]. Please could you give me some more details on that?
Is it just me, or is that black man with the fancy shirt in [i]1910[/i]'s preivew of the next intsalment Jimi Hendrix?!? <3 I've got a crush on him, too. I know that he had shorter hair late in his career (the big black afro was back in the 'Purple Haze' days), and that he wore clothes like that, so I was wondering if that was him?


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