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The Girl of my Dreams is Giving Me Nigthmares.
1969 orlando

Hi world,

I'm in mental hospital for the third (or fourth) time in my life. What am I doing at home, you ask? I'm on discharge*.

So I've decided to post my fave Lily Cole pictures.


Lily Cole channelling the dandy/fop look-- love it!

This is the first Lily Cole picture that I ever remember seeing. When I discovered her, I thought that she almost always looked sublime. She had the exact type of face that I worshipped-- big wide-set eyes, small upturned nose, small mouth, tiny pointy chin, delicate slim jaw and fat baby cheeks. She was naturally ginger (I always passionately loved red hair-- I just find it so beautiful!), had pale skin (which I also loved), perfect legs, a flat stomach and the world's cutest bum.

This ad shows off Lily's sexy body to perfection. Even her feet look gorgeous-- and I consider feet the most disgusting part of the human body!

Lily is Venus, the goddes of love!

I saw this ad in a mag while in hospital, and loved it so much that it inspired a very good drawing!

Just mad about the way she looks here.


Who's a little cute elfin baby?

I wanna sleep with Lily in this picture! Her body just looks perfect.

Sooo pretty!


Lily channels Orlando. OMFG. *squeeee*


Lily looks like a mermaid in this picture. Or a fairy. Or Vita Sackville-West. I'm not sure. But it's probs the most beautiful picture of her I've ever seen.

And last of all, Lily modelling for my favouritest label, Viktor & Rolf. Notice my beloved Tori Amos singing away in the background.


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Hope you get better soon.

Awww. Thanbks a quadrillion!

And Lily is pretty, innit?


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