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Top Ten #2: Facts You don't Know about Lily Cole
1969 orlando


Top Ten #2:

Facts You Don't Know about Lily Cole

The most beautiful woman since Helen of Troy, it's little wonder that Lily has become one of the world's biggest supermodels. Now, ‘scuse me while I dump some facts about her here:

1.        Lily has tattoos. Honestly. She’s got fancy writing on her left foot and a little star inside her right wrist.

2.        Even though everyone says she’s English, her mother is a Welsh artist named Patience Owen.

3.        Lily has a sister named Elvie.

4.        Her mother, and her father Chris (a former fisherman), divorced very early; at latest, when Lily was five!

5.        She was discovered when she was eating a hamburger with some friends in London.

6.        She’s posed fully naked for Paradis, a French men’s mag. You can even see her nipples and crotch…

7.        And, yes, her pubes are red.

8.        I was told, by the universe, to form a band with her called The Slacks. I would be the front-woman and rhythm guitarist, Lily would play bass, and fellow models Agyness Deyn and Irina Lazareanu would play guitar and drums respectively.

9.        She is a natural redhead, but her hair’s not naturally the bright copper that fashion editors etc rave on about. Instead, it’s an almost dull strawberry blonde.

10.     Rumour has it she might be preggers with her boyfriend Enruiqe Murciano’s baby!


That’s this month’s Top Ten. I’m still at hospital. See ya.




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