1969 orlando

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1969 orlando

[I cross-posted this message at
Pádraig Ó Méalóid's LiveJournal, because I desperately want answers to my questions]

I've finally got myself a copy of LoEG: Century 1910, and I loved it. But I would badly, vehemently, worshipfully love to see a preview of Century 1969. Problem is, there aren't any to be found. Please may I have a preview?
Pretty please?
Also, I've got a few questions about 1969:

  1. Performance is referenced in this instalment. Does Mick Jagger appear as well? Is he even referenced or mentioned?
  2. The plot is centred around a rock concert. Does Jimi Hendrix appear? He's the object of my biggest mega-obsession (apart from LoEG's Orlando, of course :-D ).
  3. I noticed that Orlando WASN'T shirtless in the last instalment. Do we get to see his sexy abs or hairy, manly chest in 1969? I like hairy chests.
  4. Are the Beatles mentioned or referenced?
  5. Are there any sex scenes?
  6. If so, with whom? Where? When?
  7. Are there any other hotties in the new instalment? So far, there's Orlando (sexiest tranny ever), Mina (she of the milky white jubblies that are unclothed a lot of the time), Janni (who loves to swim fully nekkid-- lucky us), and all the anonymous half- or fully-naked women we see.
  8. Why is it that a) there's so much female nudity as opposed to male nudity and b) the females are always 5,103,573,925,907,352 times hotter, sexier and prettier than the men (not counting Orlando, who's gorgeous and beastly as a bloke)?
  9. Could my preview please have Orlando, Mick an/or Jimi in it?
  10. Is there a sex scene with Orlando in it? Sorry, just curious.

Please answer all of these questions. Pretty please with sugar on the top! It's all right for you to answer the rude ones, because I'm now 17, which means that, in one year, I'm officially an adult. There's no reason for you to say that I'm too young.

Thanks a trillion,

Bryony 'Wannabe Hendrix Groupie' Temple



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