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And I'll whisper... 'I just farted'. (Or, Is that why Rorschach smells?)
my life in a quote

(To the tune of A Day in the Life by the Beatles)

I went on YouTube today, oh boy. And I found some funny, crazy stuff.


Watchmen parodies, the League... and other nerdy fluff.


Dr M is really buff.

Happy Birthday to Me...
1969 orlando

Hey, everyone, let's party!

I turned 17 today, meaning that I am well on my way to adulthood. I got an iPod touch, black Converse sneaks, a box of chocolates and plenty of phone calls from family members wishing me happy birthday. I should be happy... but I'm not.

My best friend, and LiveJournal's biggest Orlando fan apart from me, has banned me from commenting in his journal. Today. On my 17th birthday. I haven't been wilfully hurt this badly for years.
The friend, [info]underdebate,doesn't seem to realise that I have autism and psychosis and 1) have zero social skills, 2) prefer things to people, and 3) can be extremely obsessive.

Could someone please explain why he did this? Please? Before I have a mental breakdown?

First Jess Nevins, and now[info]underdebate. Accept me the way I am, people!
Oh, I forgot. We're suposed to be celebrating my 17th.

Have fun.



1969 orlando

Oh. My. God.

I discovered, through a post on [info]watchmen_lulz, an online game called Thule Trail where you control up to five people going to a music festival. Since the results were funny and Watchmen-themed, I decided to play the game using all the member of the Second Murray League.

Orlando does the first bit of action, and, surprisingly, it's neither sexy nor violent.


Of all things, a 'small fruit candy'?!? Let's see what other things he coulda stuck up his schnoz: Mary Jane, his fingers, surgical instruments, apple peels...


Since when did Quatermain speak like a Yank? Not that I have a problem with that.

Lando certainly likes to go on and on and on... :D

Carnacki does something?

Has Lando been snorting marijuana/apple peels/fingers?

Ewwww. Enough said.


Is 'pretty cool' the sort of language a 3000-year-old immortal from Thebes would use?


Tom's been all kinky with Lando. :-P

Hence the name: Great White Hunter.


I told you Orlando does a lot.

And now he's doing nothing.

Nyah nyah, global warming!

With some what? Some neutering with Exhalibur?

And I hope I was the lucky girl. Because, when Lando falls in love, he doesn't just fall in love, he makes love. Very good love.

Miss Orlando much?

Nope, just Lando's big ego... ;-)

Are you doing something horny with Mina, A.J.?

And that's it. When the game finished, Mina, Raffles, Carnacki and Allan had to sell their tickets and wash dishes.



Writer's Block: The Best
1969 orlando
What's the best thing you've seen or done this month?
Well, it's exactly two days until my birthday, and, because of my bad behaviour, it probably won't be celebrated. But the best thing I've done is either study to be a Microsoft consultant (no, really, I'm doing that) or read Watchmen. Even if I'm now too scared to read it because of all the US spelling.

1969 orlando

I think Jess Nevins (aka ratmmjess ) hates me.

In case you haven't heard of him (which is likely), Jess does the annotations to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Every volume. Every page. Almost every reference. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't know nearly as much about Orlando. So it was only natural that I would want to befriend him.
Since I was already a LiveJournal member, I added him to my friends list and watched his journal for updates of interest. In between releases of LoEG volumes and whenever I was bored, I commented in Jess' journal, which was quite often. And then, one day, I decided to comment in his journal. A message saying that I was banned from posting in his journal came up, and I was confused. Did I annoy him? Did I give him too much to do?

And then today, while searching for Orlando online, I came across this webpage, which contained an interview with Jess. When asked on his favourite LoEG character, he replied:

Favourite, I guess, would be Captain Nemo, for the combination of the visuals, the attitude and the lines of dialogue. Least favourite is Orlando, who becomes very irritating in Century: 1910. (He was deliberately written that way by Moore, of course).

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that not only is Orlando my favourite LoEG character, he/she's also my favouritest fictional character in all time and space, and the biggest obsession I've ever had, and generally perfect. As a man, he's buff, strong, confident and sooo sexy, and, as a woman, he's sweet, freindly, submissive and... sexy. So he's pretty special to me.

And I also once sent an email threatening to sue him (Jess, not Orlando :D ) because he badly broke my heart with his language.

If you're here, ratmmjess , could you please explain this?



1969 orlando

Hi there,

Made some Orlando icons using pictures from all over the net and the GIMP. Crossposted at myfandom_icons . Please comment if you like or use them!


Click the cut!Collapse )

Feel free to edit them or use as bases, but don't forget to mention that I made them if you do so!

rain, rose, rorsach

Hi everyone!

I just did a meme on [info]underdebate's journal. It's called Words, and the rules are simple: I simply reply to the post by saying 'Words', and he (I think it's a he) describes me in five words.

And my results are a bit predictable... and, at the same time, less than predictable:

Fashion, makeup, Hendrix, mod style and, of course, Orlando. :3

What, no autism? WTF!?!

But the fashion and make-up describes me, since I'm obsessed with both. My dream job is fashion designer, I want to be a stylish as possible, my favourite brands are Viktor & Rolf and Matthew Williamson, and I practically worship red lippy, lip lacquers and anything sparkly.
And my Hendrix fixation is almost as big as my Orlando one.
Oh, and what the heck does 'mod style' mean? Sure, I really like the 60s mod look, but the fashion looks I prefer are classic androgyny (like Marlene Dietrich and Orlando <3 ) and crazy, eccentric hippy rock chic (think Jimi).

Overall, I think that that does sum me up quite well. A beauty-loving fashionista with some less-than-normal loves (graphic novels, Orlando, sparkly make-up, colourful or patterened waistcoats) and some more stylin' interests (Hendrix, fashion design, being creative, Lily Cole).

1969 orlando

Sorry everyone!
I haven't updated my journal in a week. My friends underdebate  and cryforthemoon are super-popular, fun and are never too busy to update their journals.
Anyway, here are five things you don't know:

* I bought a discontinued L'Oreal Paris nail polish today. It was a shade called Pink Lotus, and it's a gorgeos pale baby angel pink. Only $5.95!
* I turn 17 on 22 July 2009, which is in seven days.
* I like to throw tantrums.
* IMHO, Orlando is the sexiest fictional character ever.
* I love being fashionable and dream of being the world's most stylish female.


Top Ten #1: Things I’d Like to See in The Sims 3
1969 orlando

Yes, I’m a schizo in more ways than one! Not only am I psychotic, I’m also a fashionista-cum-beauty-expert-cum-graphic-novel-geek-cum-Jimi-Hendrix-fan. You could call me colourful. But I also have a bit of a normal side, too. When I discovered that EA Games released The Sims 3 (or TS3 for short), I got ridiculously excited. Almost as much as when The Black Dossier was about to be released. And Mum is going to buy it so that I can play it when respite is around. But then I realised that even the video games release of the decade was not going to be perfect.

So, in no order, here’s my list of what I want in this new game.

 The Sh*ts 3... XD

1) Full body customisation

As I stated on the British EA Games forums, I refuse to buy TS3 unless I can customise Sims’ bodies as much as their faces. I even started a poll asking if anyone agreed with me. Surprisingly, the majority disagreed. I wonder why. But then, I also put up a list of sliders/options I wanted to see that went summat like this:

  • Neck length
  • Neck width
  • Shoulder width
  • Shoulder/hip ratio
  • Shoulder sloping (how much the shoulders slope)
  • Arm fatness
  • Elbow/waist height (whether the elbows are above, below or in line with the waist)
  • Wrist thickness
  • Finger length
  • Finger tapering (how tapered the fingers are)
  • Hand width
  • Hand length
  • Breast size (female)
  • Breast perkiness/sagginess (female)
  • Man-boob size (male… obviously)
  • Waist definition
  • Waist fullness
  • Stomach fullness/flatness
  • Hip width
  • Hip shape
  • Buttock flatness/fullness
  • Buttock size
  • Buttock perkiness
  • Leg length
  • Thigh fatness
  • Knee fullness/thinness (whether the knees are dimply and puffy, have protruding knee-caps or not)
  • Calf shapeliness
  • Calf thickness
  • Ankle shapeliness
  • Ankle thickness
  • Height
  • Width


2) A wider choice of beauty options

So I can create that perfect blue-red lipstick and matching nail polish. See #3.


3) Customisable nail polish

It’s one of the essentials in Nina Garcia’s book The One Hundred, sweetie darling!


4) Asperger’s syndrome

So that I can make myself.


5) UK spelling

In case you haven’t noticed, I hate US spelling because a) it’s ugly, b) it brings me bad luck, c) it can end the universe and d) it nearly killed me twice!


6) A more complex Turn Ons/Offs system

I just want it.


7) A cheat to turn ageing off only for certain Sims

How else will I create You-Know-Who? XD


8) Great music

The music was the best part of The Sims: Superstar!


9) Better building customisation options

I want to make the most fabulous fashion boutiques, baby.


10) a Sexy trait

So I can make myself. LOLZ.

So, what do you think?

'Purple haze, all in my brain...'
hendrix, jimi hendrix
Poll #1423277 No, seriously, Amazon.com stuffed up, so please answer ALL of these questions...

Do you own 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910'?

Yeah, I do
Nup, but I've heard of it
Nope, never heard of it!
Don't know...

Would you please scan some pages for me?

Hmm, maybe...

What are you going to scan in for me? (I've seen every other single scan of '1910' online!)

Pictures of Orlando
'Minions of the Moon'
Random naked women
Pages that rolando8 has already seen before

And have you got anything else to say? (Choose more than one)

Your Lando fixation can get $#!+@&!!!! I just don't care about/like him/her.
LoEG is nothing but lazy smut featuring buxom topless women.
Mmmm... Lazy smut featuring buxom topless women. *drools*
Funny, Amazon.com worked for me!
OMG!! I'm an Orlando fan too! (And I'm not talking about Orlando Bloom.)
Why the hell did I take this survey?
Shouldn't there be a Jimi Hendrix graphic novel? That would be awesome.
Didja know that, if you rearrange 'LoEG', you get 'Lego'?
Umm... that's it.
Dammit, LoEG: Century 1910 still hasn't even been bought, let alone arrived at my house. I'm so bored. So bored that I might kiss the sky, fly my freak flag, cry Mary and use icons like this. LOLZ. At least I can make myself laugh.
Every day I suffer from boredom. Every day you can help a poor, lonely teenager like me.
Simply scan in some panels or pages of 1910 that I haven't already seen (I've seen every single scan of this volume that's available online) and you can make me happier, healthier and possibly even hornier. Or make some Orlando icons using pictures from Century and Black Dossier. Or, best of all, write some Orlando fanfiction.
Just act now and you can save the sanity of... erm... me. And maybe my mum (I'll annoy her less).

Pretty please?


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